13 June 2008

Interview Questions - Oracle AR (Functional)

1.What are the Key Flex Fields in Oracle Receivables?
Sales tax Flexfields, Territory Flexfields

2.What is the Payment Term in AR?
How You are going to Receive the Amount from Customers , for Goods or Services like Installments, Due Dates & Discount Dates

3.How you define a Remittance Bank?
Setup/Receipts/Bank, This you can user for How Your Customer's are sending Amounts for Cost Of Goods or Services to Banks and What are the accounts will be reflect.

4.What are the Pre-Requisites for Generating Receipts?
Receipt Class & Receipt Source & Banks

5.What is a Receipt Class? Payment Method?
Which will tells you what are the Accounts Related for Customer Receipts and Bank Account Name of the Customers and Payment Method.

6.What is Receipt Source?
This will describe you Generating the Receipts Automatically or Manually.

7.What is a Territory? What is the Importance in AR?
Using this Territory's You can Classify Your Sales Persons & Customers

8.When you defining a Sales Person, What are the Accounts you should use?
Receivables A/c, Revenue A/c, Freight A/c

9.How many Sales Credits we have? Describe each in one line?
1: Quota Sales: This you can assign to the sales persons but the Revenue should take 100%
2:Non-Quota Sales: This is the Additional sales what you are going to assign to your sales persons

10.What is the Importance of Defining a Collector? Where we will use him?
The Collector we will assign him A profile Class. So he is responsible the Related Customers

11.What are the Quick-codes in Oracle Receivables? Describe?
Freight Carriers, Demand Class, Customer Category, Customer Class

12.How will you send the Information about Invoices? Describe the Frequency?
Through Statement Cycles, The Interval between dates like Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

13.What is used to notify customers of past due items?
Dunning Letters

14.What is Default Auto Cash Rule Sets Available?
Clear the Invoice Amount, Past due Invoices, Oldest Invoice First, On Account, Group with the payment terms

15.If you want check the Credit of a Customers How many Forms it should enable, what are those?
3 Forms should be Enable,
1:Order Type
2:Payment Terms
3:Customer Screen

16.What is the Maximum Credit Limit Per Order?
Total Credit Limit

17.If one Customer have two Profile Amounts? If yes describe?
Yes, with 2 Different Currencies Like INR & USD

18.How many ways you can create a Customer?
Standard, Quick

19.What does stands for SIC?
Standard Industry Code

20.What does stands for GSA?
General Sales Administration
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